Homeschool Guidance

Homeschool Basics Consultations, Curriculum Consultations, High School Guidance, Transcripts...

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Homeschool Evaluations

Portfolio Evaluations, Standardized Assessments, and Learning Styles Assessments.

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Sunshine School of Individualized Learning, a private umbrella school for Florida students.

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qtq80-nIsYKqSunshine Individualized Learning was formed to help parents along their homeschooling journey by Rebecca Cumbie. As a Home Education Specialist, I am a Certified Teacher in Florida and have a diverse teaching background and experience. I understand and work with ALL homeschooling methods and philosophies. I have personal experience or professional experience with just about any type of homeschooling, including unschooling. Each child learns differently and deserves to be educated and evaluated in the manner in which they learn best.