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Florida law states that

All homeschool parents are required to compile a portfolio for each of their homeschooled students, AND keep it for two years. Why not use it for a simple annual portfolio evaluation?

Sunshine Homeschool Evaluations (SunnyEvals) specializes in homeschool education consultation, annual portfolio evaluations, CYBER PORTFOLIO EVALUATIONS, and annual standardized testing. Please see our services for further information and pricing.


Cyber Portfolio Evaluations

Cyber Portfolio Evaluations are a simple and inexpensive way to complete your Florida annual evaluation. Just upload your student's portfolio documents, schedule a short phone or Skype call, pay via Paypal, and receive the evaluation form by email.

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In Person Portfolio Evaluations

Parent, student, and evaluator meet to review the portfolio together. We will discuss growth, future goals, and ideas.  The evaluation form will be emailed to you within a day. Offered locally in Jacksonville and surrounding areas.

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Standardized Assessments

Standardized assessments are another option to complete Florida's annual evaluation for homeschoolers. I offer several different standardized assessments including the SAT 10, IOWA, and WRAT 5. Group and individual testing sessions are available.

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What is needed in a portfolio?

The whole idea of a portfolio often overwhelms parents and causes unneeded stress and worry. Who has time for all that paperwork when you are having fun learning? You probably already have many of the documents needed for your child's portfolio, even if you haven't been the best record keeper. According to Florida statutes, home education portfolios must include a curriculum list, book list, activity log, and work samples for each subject studied.