New Special Education Toolbox for Homeschool Families

New on my website is a Special Education Toolbox for homeschool families that I put together as part of my graduate coursework at FSU this past semester. It has four separate resources:

  1. Northeast Florida Resources for Home Educated Students with Special Needs – A list of local organizations, therapists, alternative therapists, play areas, scholarships, and special events.
  2. Special Education Glossary – A slideshow defining some of the common terms used in special education.
  3. Home Education Students with Special Needs Pamphlet – Outlines what to do if you suspect your child has a special need, the difference in an IEP and 504 Plan, parent/student rights, and an overview of the Gardiner Scholarship.
  4. Strategies and Adaptations for Home Education Students with Special Needs – A slideshow that gives strategies and adaptations for various diagnoses and disabilities.

Please check it out and share!