This is another "list" that parents worry about in the portfolio. The reading list may contain duplicates that were listed on the curriculum list as well. This is normal as curriculum and reading can be the same thing. The reading list should include ANY AND ALL (or as much as possible) reading the student has completed over the past year.

As homeschool parents we know that we should write down qtq80-CMtJUSevery book that our child reads in a book log for the portfolio, but in reality that doesn't always happen. It is simple to put together a reading list if you have not kept one. Sit with your child and discuss their favorite books over the last year. As you talk about what they have read, you will remember more and more books that you can write down on the reading list. Make sure to include ALL pleasure reading, non-fiction reading, lesson extensions, magazines, online articles, blogs, or anything else your student may read. Title and author is preferred, but I will accept title only. Older children may be able to brainstorm on their own, but discussion helps spark the memory.

Library users can keep their library receipts as a book log or ask for a print out of books that were checked out over the past year. If you have more than one child, allowing each child to check books out on their own library card is a simple way to keep multiple book logs. You may use the actual book receipt or just a list as the portfolio component.


The next thing to prepare in a portfolio is the activity log.

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