High School Add-ons

High School Path Consultation $100

The High School Path Consultation includes an initial high school curriculum consultation and goals assessment. The curriculum consultation is schedule with a Home Education Specialist (HES) upon enrollment or before the start of the school year. During this meeting your HES will review previous and current education methods. The student will be given a Learning Styles' Assessment so that curriculum may be recommended that best works for your student's learning style. During the meeting your HES will discuss future goals, curriculum types, specific curriculum, and a daily schedule. Our HES work with all types of curricula: book-based, online, unschooling, student-led, theme units, Waldorf, Montessori, Charlotte Mason, Christian, Secular, and Eclectic. Before the meeting ends you will be given the opportunity to ask any and all questions you may have in a relaxed and reassuring atmosphere. If you wish, a few days after your meeting you will receive a detailed email with learning style results, curriculum suggestions, web links, ordering information, and prices. All of this specifically designed for your student. This along with your meeting schedule with be your child’s Individualized Learning Plan (ILP).

HS Diploma Package: $100

The diploma plan is for 12th graders wishing to complete their Individualized Learning Plan and graduate High School with a diploma. The diploma is issued with the school name, the school official seal, and signature of your HES. This option does not include transcripts but must be added to any 12th grader wishing to graduate from SSOIL. The student must be enrolled in SSOIL for the entire 12th grade in order to qualify for a high school diploma.


Transcript Support Packages

All Transcript Packages include an official transcript for that year signed by a Florida certified HES. The family receives a PDF copy at the end of the year.

Each Transcript Package also includes an end of year consultation. Yearly transcripts will be discussed and completed at this time. Future course planning and the student’s ILP may also be discussed.


For HSC - HSD packages you will get additional meetings with your HES throughout the year. During each meeting the parent will have the opportunity to discuss any concerns/changes with their child’s ILP, ask any questions, share student work for feedback, assist with portfolio compilation, brainstorm new learning ideas, discuss learning alternatives and strategies, and anything else related to your child’s home education.

HSA $250 Year 1 Support Package                       

For high school students first year enrolled in SSOIL.  Includes high school path consultation, end of year transcript consultation, transcript, and unlimited email support.

HSB $50 Year 2+ Support Package           

End of year transcript consultation, transcript update

HSC $400

Curriculum consultation, 2 mid-year consultations, end of year consultation, transcript, and unlimited email support.

HSD $600      

Curriculum consultation, 4 mid-year consultations, end of year consultation, transcript, and unlimited email support.

HSE $1000    

Curriculum consultation, 8 mid-year consultations (one per month), end of year consultation, transcript, and unlimited email support.

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