Top Ten Subscription Boxes – Creation Crate

Creation Crate is a technology subscription box for older students age 12 and up. Many of the educational subscription boxes are geared for younger students so I wanted to feature a SB for the middle and high school ages.

Creation Crate boxes are hands-on technology projects that feature a combination of building hardware and programming software. In each box the student will receive a UNO R3 (mini-computer for the project,) needed components, and an instruction booklet. The instruction booklet will lead the students through the project with hardware, programming, common errors, and exercises. Also included is a password so that the students may access the project support page on their website. This is especially useful for students whose parents may not be tech savvy. However, they do boast that projects are beginner friendly and that anyone can build electronics. The only thing need that isn’t included in the box in a computer with internet access and a usb drive.

The first six projects are available to preview on the website. Each project is supposed to be a little harder than the previous and build on previously learned concepts.

This is all about kinesthetic/tactile learning in a concrete-sequential manner.

Creation Crate ranges from $22.99 - $29.99 depending on subscription length.