Google Expeditions and Google Cardboard Viewer

One of the new tools I learned about at the FPEA 2018 conference was Google Expeditions (GE) and the Google Cardboard Viewer (GCV). GE is a free app that is available on both IOS and Android platforms that allows students to go on and explore through virtual reality and augmented reality field trips. Without the GCV, students explore using 2D and may be guided by the teacher/parent. Using the GCV along with GE allows the student to be totally immersed in a 3D experience. Expeditions may be self-guided with or guided by the parent/teacher. At this time Google is boasting over 800 virtual reality expeditions and over 100 augmented reality expeditions. The GCV is reasonably priced at around $15, however other virtual reality viewers are available both below and above $15. This tool may be used to enhance lessons of many topics that include cultural explorations, space explorations, historical explorations, science and health explorations, and environmental explorations. Some examples are the space station, Jupiter, World War 2 battles, National Parks and Monuments, respiratory system, Smithsonian, and a plethora of others. For the cost of the GCV, this is an extremely reasonably priced, but extraordinary tool that should be utilized by homeschooling parents to enhance your student’s learning experience.